V-ati gandit vreodata sa traduceti in engleza Adrian Copilu Minune?

Da intradevar, e Adrian the Wonder Child!

daaar…. Prodigy? cum va suna?

in enciclopedia Britannica avem asa : prodigy: „a child who, by about age 10, performs at the level of a highly trained adult in a particular sphere of activity or knowledge. In this sense, neither high intelligence nor eccentric skills by themselves qualify a child as a prodigy. Rather, it is the capacity to perform in a recognized area of endeavour in such a way as to receive broad acclaim that defines the prodigy. Therefore, individuals who are chess prodigies or “lightning calculators” (those who have a remarkable memory for figures) but who are otherwise mentally or developmentally disabled (such as “idiot savants”) are not prodigies”

aaaaadica:  Copil Minune!